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16th October 2010 English News


UNLF confirm the arrest of its chairman from Bangladesh

Information Service News, 16th October 2010, Imphal

Armed opposition group United National Liberation Front today confirm the arrest of its chairman from Bangladesh. In a press statement issued by the Vice Chairman, Kh. Pambei of the armed group, Chairman Sanayaima was picked up by a combined troop of Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) and the Bangladesh Intelligence, from Lalmati area under Mohammadpur Police Station in Dhaka on 29 September 2010. He was picked up by the combined team while driving his own vehicle bearing registration number Dhaka Metro G- 17-0716. According to the statement of the Vice President the news for his informal arrest was conveyed by the Chairman himself to the members of the organisation. Later when a team of rush the area they have been confirmed about the arrest of their Chairman along with his vehicle. The matter was reported to Mohamadpur Police Station and later published in two Bangladesh News paper “Yugantor” and “Inqilab” as missing report. Later, after consultation among the Central Committee of the UNLF, Vice Chairman of the front approached the Bangladesh Government for released of the Chairman as the armed opposition group has been fighting for the liberation of the oppressed Manipur. However instead of listening to the outfit’s request, the Bangladesh Government and Indian Government tried to conceal the matter of the arrest of their chairman for around 10 days and later took him to New Delhi in an Indian special flight. The news of his arrest was published by BBC and later at local news papers of the state. However, India government and Bangladesh government still did not give any official statement regarding the arrest as their act was in violation of the International Law. The UNLF statement further said such action of the India government will not be able to suppress the national liberation movement. It will only strengthen the spirit of movement.

Kalam Day observed

Information Service News, 16th October 2010, Imphal

Dr Kalam Day Celebration was held today at Bunglon High School at Churachandpur District. The function was held in commemoration of the historic visit of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India on 16th October 2006. The function was attended by Assistant Commissioner of Churachandpur district Mani Ram Sharma, Editor of ISTV News, Rinku Khumukcham, Lieutenant of Maratha Light Infantry Mr. Sandeep, correspondent of Prashar Bharti Dr Ibomcha and Field Exhibition Officer of DAVP, Govt. of India Gin Gangte as Presidium members. A memorandum requesting the improvement of the infrastructure of the school was also submitted to the Assistant Commissioner Mani Ram Sharma. Giving keynote address at the function Field Exhibition Officer Gin Gangte spoke about the importance of the celebration of the function. It was on this historic day on 2006 that the then President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited the school located at the most neglected part of Manipur, which is a manifestation of Dr Kalam’s love and care for the poor and downtrodden. The visit was historic as Dr Kalam was the first President of India to have footed his feet in the soil of southern part of Manipur, he added. Editor of ISTV English News Rinku Khumukcham spoke about the life and vision of Dr Kalam. He said that the main factor of the alienation of the people in the North Eastern region especially Manipur was the negligence of the region by the mainland leaders. But things were different when the then President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam visited Manipur. When each of the leaders preferred the capital of the state, Dr Kalam chose a school located at the interior part of the state, he added. He said that Dr Kalam regarded his work on India’s nuclear weapons program as a way to assert India’s place as a future superpower. Assistant Commissioner of Churachandpur district Mani Ram Sharma said that Dr Kalam was his inspiration. Like Dr Kalam, he too came up from a very poor family, studied in a poor school yet he succeeded. So the students of Bungyon High School can succeed in future. Many cultural dances of the students of the school were also shown in the function. –(No)

Paddy fields still seen submerged

Information Service News, 16th October 2010, Imphal

Several hectares of paddy field are still seen submerged under water at many parts of Leimapokpam and Nambol area in Bishnupur District. At Khabeisoi Ingourol Loukol in Imphal East around 200 hectares of Paddy field have been severely affected by the recent flood. Local activists and farmers urged government authority to provide compensation for the affected paddy field.

Japan had assured to take up several development projects in the state

Information Service News, 16th October 2010, Imphal

The fastest developed nation of the Far East Asia Japan had assured to take up several development projects in the state if the ongoing sericulture project has been proved success. This was stated by the Principal of the Center for Japanese Language Imphal, Irungbam Mangal in an exclusive meeting with the ISTV News. The Center for Japanese Language has been giving training for Japanese language to the youths of the state since 1990. He said the Center has good relations with the Japan Government as it has been included in the International Directory. The center had sent two youths of the state for participation of youth exchange programme held at Japan during the year 2009 and 2010. Mangal said if the Japanese government takes up development projects in the state, several hundreds of youth in the state will be benefitted. –(V)

News of Keishamthong

Amidst complaints and controversies over the distributions of immediate relief materials to the flood victims of the state, Government continues to distribute relief materials. In Keishamthong Assembly Constituency, Education Minister L. Jyentakumar who is also the local MLA of the constituency today supervised the distributions of relief materials to the flood victims of his constituency. The Minister today handed over 480 bags of rice and Kerosene to 4 councilors and club members for distribution to the flood victims. Speaking on the occasion Education Minister L. Jyentakumar said in addition to the relief materials distributed by the government he had also sanction Rs. 3 lakhs in consultation with the Kendra Development Committee and distributed 3 Kg of rice each to the flood victim families of his constituency. Relief materials from the government have also started distribution and after two three days Kerosene will also be made available to the victim family. –(V)

News of Wangkhei

Women’s Empowerment Organisation also continues their Samaritan service to the flood victims by distributing 3 Kg of rice to their members. 80 members of the self help groups located at Wangkhei Meihoubam Lampak, Wangkhei Koijam Koijam Leirak, Bamon Leikai and Thangjam Leirak which were run under the organization were benefited. –(V)

News of Road conditions

Villagers of Hiyangthang Tarahei Konjil heibokching today expressed strong resentment over the negligence of its village by the government. The anger seem perhaps justified as the condition of the inter village road is in most traumatic state. The villagers now asked if the development funds sanctioned by the government of India did not include the village, which has a total of over 150 houses. They said the attitude of the state government in taking up development work is quite derogatory. It may be noted that the both Meitei and Muslim community has been living together in the village since the last 100 years. Besides, an important religious place of the Meitei hindu – Heibok Ching Mahadeva has also been located in the region. The inter village road is also one of the important road that link with the main road Mayai Lambi. Villagers now drew attention of the concerned authority for immediate steps to construct or improved the road threatening agitations if the authority fails to do so.-(V)
On the other hands the condition of Tiddim road in between Nambol and Bishnupur is presently at most dilapidated conditions. As the quality was not properly maintained during the time of black topping many portion are now filled with potholes creating inconveniences for vehicular movements. There were apprehensions of road accident if the concerned authority did not maintain the road at the earliest possible time. –(No)

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